Rules and Standards

Please read the complete Rules and Dress Standards with your child.

The purpose of the following guidelines is not to be overly restrictive, but rather to allow everyone to enjoy an atmosphere that honors and glorifies God and reflects Christ to the world.


Dress Standards

 Any camper who exhibits continual misbehavior will have their parents called to remove their child from camp with NO refund. Fighting, swearing, stealing and other disrespectful and dishonorable behavior will not be tolerated.

 All medications (Both prescription and over the counter) must be turned in to the camp first aid staff at check-in for proper administration.

 Campers are to participate in all camp activities. Parents are to inform the camp staff in writing of health problems or physical limitations which would have an affect on the child’s involvement. If illness or being homesick causes a child to be a non-participant, then they may be sent home.

 Closed toe shoes are to be worn at all times except when traveling to and from the pool or showers in which flip flops/sandals are allowed.

 Campers may not use the telephone unless permitted by the camp director. Please do not ask your child to call you. For emergencies contact Jack Williamson 805.331.0183 or Travis Moore 520.591.8246.

 Photos of camp may include your camper and may be used for camp slideshows. No names will be used or published.

Clothing should reflect Christ-like values of modesty and appropriateness. Please observe the following:

 No bare midriffs. No visible undergarments. No shirts or blouses with plunging necklines. No inappropriate designs or slogans on clothing. No excessively baggy clothes. No two piece swimsuits. No short shorts.


 Dress Standards 




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